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Dwindling nerve is one of the health challenges that appear in an aging person, mainly due to the significant reduction in the production of beneficial hormones and certain components in the human body. As a result, nerves are likely to go down. This process is known as degeneration of nerves. A supplement called Nervestra promises to improve the state of an aging individual in terms of communication and coordination in the body. The product is claimed to make the user's body feel better all day long by enhancing the condition of nerves in a natural way. The formula is easy to use since it comes in a liquid form. All you will need to do is to drop a small amount into the beverage of a patient. But will this supplement really support better state of health of the nerves? Let's find out it further but at first it is wise to take a look at the manufacturer's information available online.

The company behind Nervestra is Rejuvica, LLC which is based in southern California. They claim that the formula makes it possible to relieve the pain in the nerves and to improve the communication of neurons in the body, as well as the health of nerves in general. There is an official website but it doesn't seem to be informative enough, especially in terms of the components and possible health dangers associated with the use of the product. It is not even mentioned how much the supplement costs on the website of the brand. But it is clear that the website intends to make potential customers make their orders directly from the manufacturer. According to the customer feedback, the product is not very affordable but we will learn its price a little bit later. The supplement comes in a three month supply. There is a full refund policy in case if it is not beneficial for your health.

Ingredients of Nervestra - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?


The ingredients which the manufacturer has added into the formula of Nervestra are not mentioned on their official website, which is the first red flag. However, they claim that the ingredients are of high quality and promise to support better health of the body nerves. All the components in the formula are said to be clinically proven to decrease problems in the nerves. The company does not describe the working process of the supplement either. Thus, potential users are not capable to trust the product. We have done our own research of the supplement's ingredients and we found out that the major one is Turmeric. It is referenced in many studies and is now used in different health supplements. Its benefits numerous, but a new study showed its ability to support blood circulation. The only drawback of Turmeric is that it may cause certain side effects. Nervestra also contains Omega Fatty Acids that are believed to be beneficial for nerve cells due to their ability to repair these cells and promote their healthy functioning. By the way, the protective layer of the nerve cell is made of fat. Fatty acids are also able to improve sensory signal transmission and nerve density, as well as to stimulate the growth of new nerve cells.

Another ingredient in the product is Spirulina, blue green algae that is considered to be the most nutrient dense plant on our planet. It is rich in B-vitamins that are highly beneficial for human nerves. B-vitamins take part in building the nerve's protective coating called myelin sheath. A protective coating is responsible for healthy nerve function and for transmitting signals correctly. Besides, Spirulina is a completely natural product. Unfortunately, it may lead to side effects, so it should be taken with care. Nervestra promises to neutralize oxidative stress damage with the help of Alpha Lipoic Acid it contains. ALA has been used for many years to support nerve health because it can freely move in and out of the nerves being both fat soluble and water soluble. ALA has been used in Europe to help with burning, numbness, and other nerve-related symptoms; however, in some cases, this ingredient may cause adverse reactions. Let's discuss these issues in detail.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The supplement is not as safe as it is claimed by the manufacturer. According to our research it can potential cause some side effects. Let us take a look at separate ingredients of this supplement. Turmeric is usually not associated with significant side effects, but some people can experience nausea, stomach upset, diarrhea, or/and dizziness. In one report, an individual experienced a dangerous abnormal heart rhythm after taking a high amount of turmeric (1500 mg twice a day). Spirulina may lead to such side effects as stomach pain, liver damage, nausea, rapid heartbeat, weakness, vomiting, thirst, shock and even death. Alpha-Lipoic Acid is linked to the allergic reaction that involves the following signs: difficult breathing; hives; swelling of your tongue, lips, face, or throat. Stop taking alpha-lipoic acid at once if you have hunger, low blood sugar, headache, weakness, confusion, sweating, irritability, fast heart rate, dizziness, or feeling jittery; or a light-headed feeling. Common side effects include skin rash and nausea.

There is a great number of customer reviews about Nervestra, both positive and negative. The most common complaints reference to no improvement even after taking several bottles of the product. One customer reported that this product sent him through the roof with nerve pain! The man was suffering from pain for a few hours after taking the supplement. Many users cannot recommend this item because it is quite expensive. However, Amazon has a return policy. A few patients confessed that Nervestra gave them more sensitivity and pain, while some experienced side effects. Let us take a look at the actual customer reviews found on third-party websites.

"Nervestra is no longer the same product. The new item does not have Devil's Claw and White Willow Bark. These two anti-inflammatory ingredients do relieve pain. They were present in the original formula, but have been removed. It is strange but the price of Nervestra has increased. Shame on the company! This product is not worth the money it costs!"

"Nervestra has not met my expectations. I have noticed no notable improvement from taking this product. I have been taking it for two weeks, so, it may be too early to see improvement, but I think that such an expensive product must work from the first dosage! I cannot recommend this supplement."

"Nervestra is not a helpful product when it comes to nerve pain. It has not helped me a bit. I think it is just a way to earn more money. I used the drops as directed by the manufacturer. All these drops did was making me feel nauseous. Do not fall for this ineffective product and dishonest company!"

Where To Buy Nervestra?

You can order the supplement directly from the official website but you are not told the price until you make an order. The company promises to provide a full refund policy within thirty days; however, few customers report succeeding in getting their money back. The product is also available on Amazon at the price of $41.80 ($20.90 / Fl Oz), while its initial price is $44.00. It means that you can save $2.20 (5%). You will not find it on Walmart or GNC.

My Final Summary

Nervestra is associated with a lot of drawbacks. The supplement does not always work in an effective way. Many users find it useless for relieving their pain associated with nerve damage. Even though Nervestra features some effective ingredients, there are no dosages mentioned on the official website. This may be the reason why the product simply does not work for many people. A few customers have complained of experiencing side effects. This may happen if an individual is sensitive to this or that compound in the supplement. For this reason it is advised to consult your doctor before using this product. With what is known about Nervestra, this drug cannot be recommended to usage.

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