Lion's Mane Mushroom Reviews - What Is It?

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The Lion's Mane Mushroom is one of the most powerful natural supplements mean for improving brain function. There is evidence that it can permanently enhance cognitive abilities as well as protect the user's brain and promote neurogenesis. Generally speaking, Lion's Mane is an ancient Chinese mushroom that has been used in medicine as well as for the development of strong smart drugs. It is known for its neuroprotective qualities, the ability to enhance overall cognitive function, promote the production of NGF, or Nerve Growth Factor. It seems that Lion's Mane Mushroom is one of the most popular and promising natural nootropics. It is said to have been used for centuries as a health treatment and general tonic and is also known as Yamabushitake, Hericium Erinaceus, or Satyr's Beard). Although it was traditionally prescribed as a restorative, people used to believe in its effect on the human brain. Ancient physicians used it to treat neurodegenerative diseases.

The product's nootropic capabilities are connected to NGF, a protein that is vital for the function and survival of nerve cells. Lion's Mane Mushroom increases the amount of NGF in the user's brain, enhancing cognition encouraging neural growth, reducing inflammation, and improving brain health in general. While cognitive enhancement is the most important benefit of the supplement, it is also a powerful neuroprotectant. This makes it possible to use for the treatment of different conditions ranging from obesity to cardiovascular health and even some types of cancer. This unique nootropic works in a different way than modern nootropics (racetams). But still more research is required to confirm its potential as a brain enhancer. At present many users find Lion's Mane Mushroom a valuable addition to their regimen. As a matter of fact, there is limited information about the manufacturer of the product, which is the first red flag.

Ingredients of Lion's Mane Mushroom - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The mechanism of action of Lion's Mane Mushroom is quite different from those of other nootropic products. While such synthetic smart drugs as racetams work by modulating the production of different neurotransmitters, this brain booster works by increasing the amount of Nerve Growth Factor or NGF in the human brain. It is a neurotrophin, a tiny secreted protein that plays an important role for the growth, proliferation, maintenance, and survival of neurons. It is secreted in the human brain and is vital to proper brain function, NGF is circulated through the whole body. It is important for maintaining a proper internal environment as a result of changes that occur due to external conditions. Since the 1950s, NGF has been studied and shown to be one of the major building blocks of neuroplasticity and brain health. The presence of NGF promotes cognition by increasing the growth and branching of axons. Insufficient NGF impairs cognition by causing neuronal decay and the death of nerve cells. The better health of axons, the faster and more efficiently impulses can be transmitted and the better the brain function will be.

Lion's Mane Mushroom

According to the manufacturer, NGF enhances cognition by promoting myelination. It is the process of development of the lipid/protein sheath that is responsible for the protection of axons. Myelin functions as an electrical insulator, speeding up the trip of impulses along the axons. It works by preventing the impulse from leaving the axon and increasing the electrical resistance of the neural cell walls. This process is also important for the regrowth and repair of damaged axons, protecting the brain from aging. It can be useful for the treatment of psychiatric disorders (Alzheimer's disease, dementia, schizophrenia, depression, autism), as well as neurological diseases (multiple sclerosis). Lion's Mane Mushroom stimulates the NGF production and has mood elevating and anti-anxiety benefits. It is said to be able to facilitate weight loss and improve fat metabolism. The major disadvantage of this nootropic is that it does not produce noticeable effects immediately. It must be taken for a long period of time to see any benefits. Let us take a look at possible side effects of this product.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Even though there are few reported side effects linked with the use of Lion's Mane Mushroom. Most users report experiencing such side effects as a sensation of itchy skin. This can be explained by increased levels of Nerve Growth Factor. Some other allergy-like symptoms may occur as a result of increased NGF levels too. The supplement has been tested in mice and showed no signs of toxicity in the dosage of 5 g/kg. This is a reason to consider it safe. However, it is still recommended to avoid overdosing of this product. There is a great number of customer reviews about Lion's Mane Mushroom on third-party websites. They carry a mixed character, which means that while some users are satisfied with the supplement, others complain about different issues like low effectiveness of the supplement, high cost, high risk of experiencing side effects and poor customer service. Let us take a look at some of these testimonials.

"I have used many supplements from different manufacturers before I tried Lion's Mane Mushroom. This was like taking a placebo. I followed the company's recommendations and took two capsules per day. But unfortunately I did not notice any significant change in my mental abilities. I bumped it to three and then four capsules, and I still had no significant change. I have used high grade extracts and they improved my cognitive function quite well. This product did nothing for me"

"I was disappointed with Lions Mane Mushroom. When I received my bottle, I immediately opened it and the capsules were broken inside. There was powder everywhere in the bottle. I certainly did not take cracked capsules and had to go through the inconvenience of returning the product. I faced poor customer service. Waste of money!"

"Before using Lions mane mushroom, I had regular digestion. But within a few days of using this product I was very gassy, bloated, and blocked up. After two weeks I had to stop using the supplement due to the discomfort. Besides, this product gave me severe headache. This product doesn't work well at all. I wish it worked but I probably purchased trash"

Where To Buy Lion's Mane Mushroom?

Lion's Mane s Mushroom is quite easy to purchase. It can be bought online from Walmart or GNC. If you like to do shopping on Amazon.com, you should stick to BrainForza's Lion's Mane Capsules. Another place where you can buy this cognitive enhancing nootropic is Mind Lab Pro. Amazon sells the product for $24. Each bottle contains sixty capsules.

My Final Summary

Lion's Mane Mushroom is a unique natural nootropic; however, it lacks evidence that tis supplement is able to enhance cognition, improve brain health, and protect the brain against disease, injury, and aging effects. Don't expect to face immediate effects of this supplement; you may need a lot of time before experiencing any positive results. The product is associated with a number of complaints referencing lack of positive effects, possibility of experiencing side effects and poor customer reviews. If you need to improve your mental abilities, you should look for another nootropic supplement. I cannot recommend Lion's Mane Mushroom.

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