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Kimera Koffee is sourced from a single-estate coffee plantation of the Dominican Republic (Jarabacoa region). Its grounds are infused with a combination of nootropics that claim to help power output, increase focus, and cognition. The official website of the company is not informative and badly made, while the company has low popularity in the country. According to the manufacturer, the product uses powerful cognitive enhancers and amino acids infused in Kimera's coffee to charge your brain. The coffee is said to have high quality. Wet processing helps to provide the bold taste intact and guarantee that it is free of mold.

A stiff cup of Kimera Koffee promises to help you temporarily boost your focus and increase your energy levels. But will the nootropics contained in this kind of coffee really provide more boosted brainpower? Is the product as effective as claimed by the company? We did our own thorough research and we will try to find out answers to those questions with its help. Before we get there, let's take a look at what ingredients can be found in the supplement.

Ingredients of Kimera Koffee - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Kimera Koffee

The company behind the product does not provide too much information about the content of the supplement. There is even no detailed ingredient list on the official website of Kimera Koffee. We managed to find out that each cup of Kimera Koffee contains a 725mg blend of the following ingredients: Taurine, Alpha-GPC, L-Theanine and DMAE (Deanol). As many authoritative websites (WebMD and Examine) report, alpha-gpc seems to increase the concentration of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the human brain when taken orally. Despite this, these websites inform only about one study demonstrating that alpha-gpc consumption can address Alzheimer's disease, reduce cognitive decline, or provide other benefits for users. There are no recommendations about dosage of the supplement.

The taurine in the product is an amino acid that is used in high concentration in the brain, platelets and heart. It is believed to improve blood flow. Some studies show that it might be effective for liver disease and congestive heart failure, improving heart disease, lowering blood sugar levels, as well as decreasing related risk factors like blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. As a rule, patients take the product in the dosage of between 2-6 grams per day, divided into 2-3 uses. According to the majority of sites, the evidence for brain-related benefits of Kimera Koffee is insufficient. Examine reports that amino-acid l-theanine has little clinical evidence showing that it can really increase relaxation and decrease anxiety. DMAE is a precursor to choline that is believed to protect brain cells and to improve exercise performance, especially when combined with minerals, vitamins, and ginseng.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

It can be summarized from the available clinical evidence as provided by the product's official website and consumer-oriented authoritative websites, it seems that there isn't enough data to support the manufacturer's claims about Kimera Koffee. All of the higher mentioned ingredients with lack of clinical evidence are a part of Kimera's proprietary blend. It means that you are going to put it inside your body on a daily basis. This is a caffeinated beverage that might lead to jitteriness, nervousness, digestive upset, and headache. While we are not told on the company's website how much of each ingredient the product contains, other sites inform us that one of its major components, alpha-gpc, can cause insomnia, heartburn, skin, confusion, and rash. It is also indicated that in rare cases, oral DMAE can lead to such side effects as drowsiness, constipation, confusion, increased blood pressure, and depression. According to CalorieLab, DMAE supplements should be avoided by pregnant or lactating women, as well as by those with clonic-tonic seizure disorders and schizophrenia. As WebMD claims, the product may have certain interactions with other medications. Thus, taurine may interact with lithium, theanine with high stimulant and blood pressure medications, alpha gpc with scopolamine, and deanol with Alzheimer's, drying, and glaucoma medications. We didn't meet any information about how often these side effects might occur, or the most likely dosages that can cause side effects.

There is a great number of Kimera Koffee customer reviews online. Amazon contains more than 400 testimonials. The most common complimented referenced its good flavor, better mental alertness, improved energy and no crash. The most frequent complaints referenced an ugly taste, its higher price when compared to other sorts of coffee, and no results. Some customers didn't like white chunks in Kimera's grounds. The company behind the product is also called Kimera Koffee. It is based out of Coral Gables, FL. According to their website, Kimera was founded in 2013, but it is not listed with the Better Business Bureau. It is high time to take a look at the real customer reviews about the product.

"Kimera Koffee is a well-formulated product, but I hate its awful taste. I appreciate the taste of my coffee much more, so the theanine and choline contained in this coffee ruin the experience completely. It is better to take nootropics in capsules while drinking a tasty cup of coffee. By the way, this coffee seemed too old and dry stale. It is overpriced and did not bring any noticeable effects. I will not buy it again"

"The first time I tried KimeraKoffee (since it is highly touted by Greenfield), I didn't like its stale taste. There was no production or "use by" dates on the package. How and when was it packaged? Who knows. Besides, there were some clumps of white powder in the substance, which I hope were the supplements. It is also unknown how much of each supplement has been added to the product. I think a good high-quality organic coffee in beans is much better. Just grind them and add the supplements you wish. It will be not only cheap but more beneficial for you"

"Kimera koffee does not taste like high-quality coffee. I don't like the fact that its quality mimics that of Folgers. The nootropic additives are completely ineffective. This coffee does not do anything more than a traditional cup of coffee. I will not buy it again as its price is too high. I had high expectations for this coffee but I was disappointed. I do not recommend this coffee to anyone"

Where To Buy Kimera Koffee?

The company offers two different blends and two complementary products. Kimera Koffee (12oz ground) costs $22, while Kimera Koffee (12oz) Jujimufu's Dark Roast Brew (12oz ground) can be bought for $22. The price of Phase 1 Peaberry Whole Beans (12 oz) is $15, while Kimera Kacao Booster Powder (Ceylon cinnamon, 100% raw cacao, and l-glutamine) can be purchased for $10. You can buy Kimera Koffee Seed Stack (brown flax, 100% raw hemp, golden flax, and chia and sesame Seeds) for $14. It is available on Walmart, Amazon or GNC.

My Final Summary

Kimera Koffee wasn't tested directly to provide promised feedback. But, considering together everything we have learned during our research, it can be concluded that the product is not worth the money it costs. So, before making a decision, you are recommended to get well-informed about the product. According to authoritative websites like Examine.com, WebMD, Authority Nutrition, EMedicineHealth, PubMed, and CalorieLab, there isn't seem enough clinical evidence to support that this coffee's ingredients will reliably deliver on the manufacturer's claimed benefits like power output, increased focus, or cognition. The official website doesn't tell us how much of each ingredient is contained in the blend. Another concern is the high price. Other nootropics appear to be much cheaper. With this in mind, Kimera Koffee cannot be recommended to usage.

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