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Human brain consists of three parts: the cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem. The cerebrum can be divided into four lobes; the frontal lobe is responsible for memory-related functions, while it and the parietal lobes are responsible for concentration and focus. Emotion and mood stem from two almond-sized areas called the amygdalae. The human brain has many other functions all of which are extremely important... read more


There are 100 billion nerve cells in your brain, all of which cooperate to make you as you are. These cells are called neurons, and they have the special ability to gather, organize and transmit electrochemical signals, known as neurotransmitters. These signals carry important instructional information that helps you to do everything you do from picking up a pen to solving difficult mathematic problems... read more


Namzaric is a prescription drug that is used to treat moderate to severe Alzheimer's disease in people who are taking donepezil hydrochloride 10 mg. The latter is the active ingredient in the medication called Aricept. However, there is no evidence that Namzaric can prevent or decrease the process of the development of the underlying disease in its users who suffer from Alzheimer's disease... read more

Namenda XR

Namenda XR (memantine hydrochloride) is a new product meant to treat moderate to severe Alzheimer's disease. It is available in the form of extended-release capsules. This product is said to be approved for the treatment of the higher mentioned diseases. However, there is no evidence that the drug can really prevent or slow the underlying process of the illness in patients with Alzheimer's disease... read more


AddTabz is the supplement that has been produced by GenTech Labs which claims that this product can be both a short and a long term aid for your concentration and focus. AddTabz is a synthetic amphetamine which must allow the user's body to process energy in the more natural way avoiding a lot of negative side effects. Is it really so safe and doesn't cause any side effects... read more

Cerebral Success

Cerebral Success is a supplement meant for people who wish to improve the work of their brain. Usually, it is used by college students. The product was created by Trevor Hiltbrand who was a student and lived with his friends in his college dorm room. He wanted to find a better supplement for students, so he asked for help from professionals. However, Trevor failed to get FDA approval... read more

Cerefolin NAC

Cerefolin NAC is as a prescription drug which claims to be effective in helping with early memory loss problems. It has been created by the biomedical company Pamlab which is known for innovative formulations. However, the producer doesn't provide users with any official information about the product. The medication is usually prescribed for the following conditions... read more


Nootrobox is a supplement company that offers mainly nootropics. Its headquarters is located in San Francisco, the USA. The company currently offers three nootropics - Sprint, Rise, and Yawn, as well as a chewable coffee gummy Go Cubes. The company was founded in 2014 by Michael Brandt and Stanford alumni Geoffrey Woo. Woo was an Entrepreneur... read more


Vivarin is a new dietary supplement that promises to give the user more mental energy in a safe way. It contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee and is designed for people who are tired of expensive energy drinks and coffee. This medication is said to help the patient stay awake all day long, to restore wakefulness and mental alertness. However, this supplement should not be used to replace sleep... read more

Brain Plus IQ

Brain Plus IQ is a nootropic made by a Singapore-based company under the name Biotrim Labs. that claims that it is able to be effective for supporting your brain function. The target audience of this supplement is people who are 30 years old and older. According to the producer, if you have troubles you're your concentration and focus you need to use this magic supplement which is enough powerful to solve all your memory problems... read more


Energems are a sweet way to increase your energy levels, as the manufacturer claims. It is made by an unknown and not reputable American company which seems not to produce any other products or supplements. That is why these chocolate energy supplements cannot be completely trusted, even though they are undoubtedly tasty due to the high amount of dark chocolate contained inside. Energems are claimed to be on the market since 2012... read more

Focus Formula

Focus Formula targets your focus and attention, as you can see from its name. These functions of the brain are very important, as well as memory which is also treated by this cognitive enhancing supplement. It is made by Windmill Health Products, an American company that is said to have been on the market for more than 40 years. Even though this company is so long-lasting I failed to find their official website. It may mean that it is not very reputable... read more

NZT 48

Would you like to get some magic pill for your brain? Are you experiencing difficulties when you try to focus or to take an important decision? The producer of NZT 48 promises to solve all problems concerning brain activity functions providing the effective nootropic pill which is able to stimulate the work of your brain and to make all zones of your brain work at their fullest. But is it possible to take a pill and to become smarter... read more


Picamilon is a dietary supplement designed to enhance your mood, remove anxiety and increase stress resistance. These nootropic pills are said to consist of natural ingredients such as GABA and Niacin that intend to restore the levels of GABA neurotransmitter in people who suffer from mood issues. It is also promised that taking Picamilon can also lead to imroved cognitive abilities in terms of focus, memory, and mental energy... read more


The modern market has exploded in a number of Adderall alternatives in the last several years. Profiderall is another alternative to this brain booster which is commonly used by students and other people who wish to improve their focus, memory and concentration. Many individuals cannot get a prescription for Adderall, so they buy Profiderall to enhance their focus. This dietary supplement is said to contain a blend of natural nootropic ingredients which intend to increase your energy levels... read more


Do you feel depressed because of not being able to remember some important information for work or some significant dates of your personal life? Such product as Sunifiram produced by the company Sinoway Industrial Co., Ltd.promises to work as the smart drug which is able to solve your problems using all natural ingredients. Here we are going to check if it is really so making our own research. First of all, what can we see entering the official website of the producer... read more


Centrophenoxine is a cholinergic product that contains DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) as its major component. The supplement improves the absorption of DMAE in the brain. It can be bought under the brand name Lucidril. The manufacturer of the product is badly known and is not reputable but it has its own official website that offers a few other products too. There is little information on the components and possible side effects of the supplements... read more

Hawaiian Spirulina

Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica is a nutritious food that is considered to be highly beneficial for human health due to the number of nutrients it offers. The product claims to support immune system, cardiovascular health, brain, eyes and body cells in general. The company behind this supplement is called Nutrex Hawaii. It has been marketing different kinds of products since 1985. in Hawaiin ponds that receive sunlight for 12 months per year... read more

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is a brain health product made to improve memory and brain health in general. The supplement promises the user to prevent cognitive decline with age, to improve problem solving, and to learn faster. It is produced by the company called Mind Lab, which is a division of Opti-Nutra. The product comes in the form of capsules. Other Mind Lab PRO benefits include better focus, increased energy levels, easier waking up, higher productivity and better overall drive... read more

Natrol 5 HTP

Natrol 5 HTP is a new dietary supplement that promises to promote good mood and control appetite. It is available in the form of time-release pills that aim to increase serotonin levels in the body. It is a chemical substance that affects our behavior, thought, emotions, appetite, and sleep. The product is said to be natural source of an amino acids. Its regular use helps to provide a positive outlook, improves relaxation, and helps to control appetite... read more

Neuro Peak

Neuro Peak is a nootropic dietary product manufacturde by a company called Zhou Nutrition that is based in the USA. This is the company's only nootropic product that promises to support your memory, focus, and clarity in a natural way. The company claims that this is a natural, safe, and high-quality supplement meant to improve the functioning of your brain. But whether it is true we will find out a bit later... read more


Sulbutiamine is an enhanced version of Vitamin B1 that offers a few additional benefits for better mental and cognitive function. This compound is sold under the name Arcalion which is a synthetic derivative of thiamine. It is claimed to be beneficial for memory and erectile function. Some people use it to treat shyness ,depression, and fatigue. Sulbutiamine is a nootropic which belongs to the supplements shown to improve... read more


Human brain is able to work properly up to the age of 30 in average. Afterwards, it begins to shrink and function less productively. As a result, most people start noticing certain problems in their 40s and 50s. The brain needs perfect blood flow and plenty of oxygen to perform well. But, unfortunately, with every year our brain loses vital nutrients necessary for its optimal performance... read more


CogniFocus is a nootropic dietary product that claims to increase your cognitive abilities. This is a nootropic supplement that promises to enhance your mental sharpness and focus without such side effects as headaches, jitters, and shakiness. Those effects are usually associated with other supplements of a nootropic character. The formula contains caffeine (150mg) that is equal to that in an average energy drink... read more


CogniShield is a dietary supplement made to improve your brain function, focus and memory. The manufacturer even claims that a special combination of ingredients helps to reverse Alzheimer symptoms in elderly patients. The product is said to work by speeding up brain neuron interaction, removing toxins from the brain and making the neurons more absorbent and flexible. One bottle (a one-month supply) of the supplement costs $69 and can be bought from... read more


Coluracetam is a racetam drug that possesses memory boosting properties and has a positive effect on anxiety and depression. However, there is lack of scientific proof to back up these benefits. More studies are required to identify the mechanisms behind these properties. Coluracetam was synthesized in Japan by the Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation in 2005with the intention to treat Alzheimer's disease. However, it failed to reach certain endpoints and was licensed by BrainCells, Inc for additional research... read more

Enhance Mind IQ

Enhance Mind IQ is a nootropic supplement that is claimed to be completely natural. It can be used by business people, students, athletes, fitness professionals, or any other people who want to improve their brain function and mental activity. The product promises to improve your focus, memory and mental performance. Enhance Mind IQ is safe to use by elderly people who suffer from a cognitive decline. The supplement features the ingredients necessary to renew the work of your brain... read more

Formula Focus

Formula Focus is a natural supplement specially created to enhance the user's concentration, attention, memory, and balance of emotions. It is one of the supplements manufactured by Native Remedies. The company behind Formula Focus has an online business that specializes in the sphere of herbal and homeopathic remedies. Native Remedies manufacture more than 300 remedies to control different health conditions including brain related ailments and abdominal pain. The company has been operating online since 2002... read more